Starting again for 2016

I’ve had this year’s fees through along with a letter notifying me about the AGM.

My very first entry last year was related to the AGM,  so it has been 1 year since I started this page.


I now need to start thinking more about digging and planting again. Not this weekend though: is raining hard, like it has been for the past 3 weekends, so there is little chance of an easy dig and more chance of a mud bath. I’ll wait until the weather changes a little for the better – possibly next weekend. The evenings are out of the question at the moment because it’s still dark by the time I get home.

I’ll have to get my wish list for this year stored out… Potatoes were a big success last year, so they will feature heavily again this year. Sunflowers certainly, and cucumbers I think. Broad beans were OK… I wasn’t that bothered about those in the end however, so maybe large onions need to be tried this year as a big crop? Oh, yeah beetroot! They are certainly a certainty!


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