Clearing up

About 3 hours yesterday was spent clearing up the remainder of the allotment ready for winter. I have neglected the allotment for quite a few weeks now, but it didn’t really show much of a difference because the weather now it’s so cold and the growing period has finished.


There still needs to be some clearing up but I can leave that until the weather has changed .. maybe not so wet .. and at least it will not be so much of a mud bath.


The last of the beetroot were taken up: there were quite a few although they were very small. There will be enough to make some beetroot soup at home. The rest went to the girls in the main office of the National Trust.


The only jobs remaining now are to clear the last of the weeds and to turn over the soil so any bugs are killed in the cold spells coming up.

I also need to move some of the plants around because now they are in hibernation … I can shift them across the allotment to make the place a lot neater for the spring next year.


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