Misty Sunday mornings

I arrived at the allotment around 10:30am. The bells were chiming in the church and there was a little mist. Nobody seemed to be around at that time.


It was quiet. But there were three rows of potatoes to dig up and the last of the couch grass to remove from the gaps between the original potato trenches. There was a lot to do.


The last of the sunflowers needed to be picked also. They looked quite good in a vase on the windowsill at home except for some complaints about dropped pollen, I thought I would do the same again this week anyway. They are £4 for 4 sunflowers in the shops and I can easily get a dozen good ones from the remains of these plants.

The potatoes gradually got dug up. It was fairly solid work for around 3 or 4 hours and to begin with the first two rows of King Edward spuds hadn’t done very well (as usual), but the last row was a different variety. I had forgotten they weren’t King Edward. This different variety had done really well and there were more in one row than in the two rows of KE.


In the end I left the allotment around 2:30pm with a huge sack of potatoes. It took me the rest of the evening to clean and dry them in batches before wrapping them up in newspaper for storage. In the end there were two large shopping bags of potatoes. Some were used for that nights dinner (mashed with butter and milk). It was a fairly productive day in the end.


The flowers weren’t bad either.


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