Autumn has arrived

The weather has definitely changed.. wetter and colder. It’s dark in the evenings as well and all of this means there is less time to spend at the allotment. Unfortunately. It must have been quite windy in the past week as well because one of my sunflowers had been knocked over by the wind and the rain. That particular plant had done quite well because it was wonky at the bottom of the stem when it first started to grow and that progressed into a big kink in the whole plant. I was quite pleased it had lasted so long and now the flowers have made it into a vase.


Plants are doing really well however and they have stood up straight throughout the weather. I have added a couple of  cane structured just to make sure they don’t fall over.. Just in case.



The beans and the beetroot are coming along very nicely we have more beans and we know what to do with and soon the beetroot will be ready and we will be eating that for the next 3 months.

I have ended up giving most of the beans away and freezing so many that it fills up a compartment in the freezer.


I only planted beans because they were available garden centre I don’t usually eat beans. But I have changed my mind after tasting these they were really exceptionally nice everybody in the family liked them.


Several of the cucumbers were ready also and so our fridge at home is packed full of beans potatoes and cucumbers from the allotment. I have left most of the potatoes in the ground as soon as I find where to buy some hessian sacks I will pick them up and keep them in the garage


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