Autumn beauty is out! Wow!

The autumn beauty variety of sunflower has bloomed. It is spectacular and as the sun goes down on the allotment it really seems to shine in the last hour of sunlight.


Today I spent about 3 hours on the allotment just removing tiny weeds that were sprouting. It didn’t take 3 hours to weed allotment I also did some minor work on the potato lines. Pulled up some more Charlotte and gave around 3 plastic bags full to the girls in the main office. I put a plastic bag full of potatoes on the next door neighbours allotment and I kept one for myself. We already have quite a few potatoes at home because some little hands helped me pull up some potatoes earlier in the week.



Off two potato plants we get approximately 20 big potatoes … I thought that the Charlotte potato variety were supposed to be small but we are getting some fairly large potatoes.


Half of the bean plants have done quite well but the other half — a different variety — didn’t do very well at all: possibly the pigeons have been scoffing them because they have hardly grown at all.


On a patch further down the plot (which used to have potatoes in it) I’ve planted two different varieties of onions a red and white variety — they seem to be doing really well. I’m not quite sure if I should have planted onions straight after pulling up the potatoes but this whole thing is a bit of an experiment so I thought I would give it a go.


Something else that seems to be doing quite well how are the beetroot that were planted when my parents came down. These seem to be growing quite nicely.


Also the cucumber plants that went in on the same weekend have also been growing quite well and I’ve had to tie most of them up a second time because they have grown so much in the past week. I will try to keep a close eye on these because they seem to be sitting up very quickly.

I should be able to go a couple of times in the next week just to clean out the last of the Charlotte potatoes that are hanging around and ready those lines for replanting something new.


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