Beetroot are out (pulled out)

The beetroot are out now. All of them have been picked and have either been giving away or made into soup. There was plenty of help pulling up the beetroot. Another couple of Charlotte Potato plants came out also. They were yielding around 6 to 8 large potatoes per plant.

The sunflower is out. At least the large yellow is out. The other autumn beauty types are now quite out yet, but will probably start in the next week.


The evenings are good at the moment, some days last week were really nice later on. But the weather on Friday was the worst in the past few months all rolled into one! It rained none stop all day long.


When we visited the allotment the next day, the soil was really well soaked through — everything was looking really well watered and the sunflowers hadn’t taken a battering like I thought they might have.


I had some good help clearing one last patch of weeds and then there was enough room to start the cucumber patch. They will need a fair amount of attention from now on. I will have to start calling in before or/and after work to ensure they get enough water.


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