Charlotte potatoes are out!

The first of the Charlotte lines have started to come out.


These came from the two plants, and little hands helped to pull them out of the ground. Also — to go with the potatoes there were some beetroot.


Approximately 30 beetroot were pulled up this afternoon, some went to the girls in the main entrance hall as usual, and a carrier bag of them went home into the garage.


Sun flowers are doing really well also. They are well above head height now and starting to produce plenty of flowers. There will be lots of seeds for next year.


The lettuce plants have started to begin their flowering stage as well. I hope to be able to get plenty of seeds of these plants also.


All in all it was a very good day at the allotment. Around 3 or 4 hours maybe. It was really sunny and hot, there was hardly anybody around and I removed about 5 bags of weeds and two bags of grass cuttings. The place is now looking respectable again.


With all the weeds now gone I have started to see a few bugs and slugs and snails. It looks like they have started now. I will have to keep my eye on that problem.


I think I have been lucky this year up to now: they haven’t really been around I think. But they seem to be starting now …


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