Things going to seed

The allotment plot next to my plot is fairly bad for weeds now. The people who have taken over that plot have not been seen since they paid their fees. Consequently it is looking quite a mess and it is quite overgrown.


On the other hand there are some quite nice poppy plants that have seeded themselves on that plot. If somebody doesn’t collect them soon they will continue to reseed.


Since these are wanted at home I decided I would collect some.

I have also decided to let my lettuce plants flower that way I can collect some of their seeds also. I am thinking about next year. The lettuce plants look a little strange now that they are starting to grow a main stem.


According to the Internet sites that know, when half of the lettuce seed heads have flowered and then closed they should be picked and turned upside down in a paper bag. This will allow the rest of the seeds to be collected and dried out for next year. I am going to see if this will work


The sunflowers are already head height and they will continue to grow… they are starting to produce a main flower at the top but so far it has not opened. I am also going to collect seeds from these plants as well and also use the seeds for next year.


It is quite amazing just how much the stems have grown within the past 4 weeks. One of the sunflowers looked as though it wasn’t going to make it but now is more or less as strong as the other plants. I am glad I left it.


The remainder of the plot is looking quite well cared for and on the row of potatoes I dug up a couple of weeks ago I have started to plant some onions.

Last year I did some pickled onions but this year I am going to try to do some normal sized onions. Normal white onions and red onions. I have plenty of seedlings and so I am going to try some at home in a hanging basket also.


Finally I planted 3 marrows in the space that I cleared the other day. This was cleared for large vegetables something that I would not be able to plant at home. Hopefully with some care I will be able to grow some quite large marrows .. Nothing for competition, just for fun.


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