Clearing the last few weeds

On Wednesday night after cycling home from work I managed to make some time to go to the allotment. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far and one of the longest (just past the equinox). I should make good use of the time while it is available.


As I walked into the grounds, just above head height were around 20 or so swallows darting around the barn catching insects. I have never seen so many and so low before. They seemed oblivious to me. Then add I entered the main gate, a couple of squirrels in the big tree were squarking at each other, so preoccupied they didn’t care about me either.


When I finally got into the allotment the good weather and sunshine had definitely grown everything since I had last been. Especially the grass, which needs cutting around the edges. The cabbages and beetroots were doing well however.

The last patch of weeds were staring me in the face. I have been meaning to do these for at least a month, but things have just got in the way and it had gradually got worse.
The dry conditions have however been tilting things in my favor and the weeds were going to be easy to remove.


After around two hours of pulling up weeds and three large bags full of weeds and couch grass I finally cleared most of the remaining patch. This could now make way for some big planting on Sunday (hopefully).
That’s the plan anyway.

Eventually people started to disappear and at 9pm, and the head gardener started to make her rounds. I gave her a bag of potatoes I had dug up at the weekend. After she left I was the last. The sun has just started to dip behind the church and the clouds which had looked thundery earlier had started to turn a shade of pink.


I started the watering — giving everything a good soaking — the forecast had suggested that the records would be broken today (Thursday) and then packed up my things and started to make my way home. It was going on 10pm.


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