Pulling up the first early potatoes

It was another spectacular Saturday yesterday and I had time to visit the allotment .. just a couple of spare hours in the end of the afternoon


On that visit I pulled up the first two rows of early potatoes that went in first: I planted way back months ago.

I originally turned up at the allotment to clear the last square of weeds and grass so I could plant something next weekend, but after I got there I noticed a few of the early potato plants had yellow wilting leaves.


My first thought was some sort of potato blight, so I decided there and then to start clearing those two rows. If it’s was blight, then I didn’t want it to spread to those potatoes still growing
Within the space of the first three plants I realised that I would have too many potatoes to be able to carry.


So some of them immediately went to the girls who are in the main entrance shop and some others went into plastic bags for the neighbours at home and another few went to an allotment neighbour. Probably half of them were easily given away before I started to pack up some for myself and home. There were still plenty.


Two large plastic bags full of large potatoes are now at home and probably I will be making mash potatoes so I can freeze most of them in one go.
It was unfortunate that two rows had to come up at the same time…


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