Back garden tomatoes are growing

The tomatoes in the hanging basket that are found outside our back door have started to grow. There are two tumbling Toms in one planter and they are both showing fruit.


So far they are only a very very tiny green tomatoes but I expect there will be lots to come for the next few months.

The main tomato plants that grow up from the pots have started to shoot upwards as well. There are no tomatoes on these plants yet — they haven’t grown up enough, but we have two pots with two plants in, and a hanging basket with two plants in — so there will be an abundance of different types of tomatoes very soon.

My coriander on the other hand is not doing as well: some of the shoots have come up but a lot of the seedlings did not get anywhere, and so I have maybe 20 percent of the original crop. I think perhaps it would be better suited indoors instead of in a shady hanging basket.
I might try that next …


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