Putting in the beans

The lettuce is at doing really really well and they are very tasty — I expect that some of the leaves from one of them will be making it into bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich I am planning for about Wednesday tea time.


Slug pellets seem to have been working wonders on the lettuce leaves and the beetroot. Nothing has got through although a couple of lettuces died I don’t think that is caused by slugs and snails.


King Edward potatoes are coming up already I have covered them several times but still are pushing through. I think that by staggering the potato planting we will have many good crops for several months.


Finally I planned to put some beans in yesterday — I put some canes and cleared some ground for planting bean seeds.


A bit later the same day after visiting the garden centre I bought some broad bean seedlings and planted them against some other bamboo canes.

Now there are 3 rows of beans: broad beans and mangetout. Some are seedlings and some are from the bean seed so they should be staggered properly for serval months. I am a little late putting them in, but hopefully they will be ready late August and into September, at around the time of the summer holidays.


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