Last cleanup is underway

Most of the allotment is looking fairly good now. Much better than when it started.


There is an addition of a tarpaulin where most of the grass had been pulled up. This should compost down over the next year.

There is just one last patch of weeds to clear up: it was cleared several weeks ago, but has since grown back. Luckily it is quite easy to clear up. This week I have been doing a little now and then after work.


Just one small patch of grass after that will mean I have cleared it all off. Probably this part will have beans and squash .. Yet to be decided.

The evening was really nice. The sun was out for now and the weather had been really warm all week. This meant the weeds came out very easily.


Tomorrow, the weather report promises a downpour and a weather warning. I didn’t water the plants because of that news.


Hopefully it will clear up after the weekend so I can get this last part finished.


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