Swallows, swifts or stealth bombers?

Tonight I went down to the allotment after I got back from work. I didn’t manage to go over the weekend, so I made a special effort after driving home from work. Recently, on a nice day like today I would have cycled into work and back (taking the train in between) but I overslept this morning. Because of that, I was home, changed and at the allotment by 7pm. The church bells were ringing as I arrived.


There was a little fire going and a couple of people dotting around but by half past seven there was just me left. I had a little more digging to do in order to remove some weeds that had started to take over the patch that had yet to be planted. And finally, by around 8pm I had more or less finished the small section I had planned.


… and removed some of the weeds and covered the sprouting potatoes in the King Edward lines.


By around quarter past eight there was only a bit of clearing around the lettuce leaves left to do. Surprisingly, they were doing really well — and the leaves were really tasty. I will have to get the variety off the person who gave them to me so I can grow more next year.


I had taken a few photos of the swallows or swifts that were flying around the church spire catching insects. They were really swooping and darting exceptionally skilfully and I watched them for around five minutes trying to catch them on my camera.


Without much success …




It was around that time my attention turned back to the lettuce leaves and the grass weeds growing in between when I (eventually) heard an aircraft noise above me. Looking up, it was a stealth bomber, flying silently and right above my head. The sneak had got right above me before I noticed! By the time I had started up the camera again, it was almost gone ..


Not quite.

When I got home, it had also been seen from the front bedroom window, it must have flown directly over the house and then continued to fly across to the allotment and right over my head! What are the chances of that?!

There was quite a bit of excitement about seeing it and nobody was asleep by the time I got home.


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