Elvis and the slugs

After being away for just one week, the allotment has grown a huge amount and the weeds have started to come through again.


My lettuce leaves are doing okay though: the slugs are being kept at bay with some pellets. Another sprinkling yesterday evening and they should be doing fine until I have chance to go again this weekend.

Hopefully I will clear the last remaining area and be able to plant some beans.. Maybe.

After a little bit of covering-up on the potatoes and a slight watering, there was time to go and see Elvis.


Elvis is the cat who can often be found in the gardens at the back of the allotments. He likes to sleep on the wall in the sun and especially likes it when there are some cat treats coming his way.


The trip to the allotment was really just an excuse to make use of the nice evening and to see what might be needed this weekend… that’s the intention anyway: if I actually make it this weekend that is. There are several jobs at home that still need doing.

But — I should be on the last stretch of the allotment now. Most of it is fine, just the last section that needs sorting out with couch grass and a small patch of the grass that needs to be lifted. I should have time for some of that this weekend as long as other things don’t get in the way.


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