One of the sunflowers is missing!

Last night I went to the allotment on the way home from work. I had not watered the beetroot after putting them in the ground yesterday and it hadn’t rained like it suggested on the weather report — well not nearly enough. I had been thinking about it while at work. I don’t suppose I would have given anything like that any thought about three months ago, but now that I’ve put a bit of effort into digging over the plot, the thought of a couple of seedlings not getting enough water is enough to redirect my course home and spend about half an hour going to-and-fro with the watering can.


One of the sunflowers is missing, but the rest are doing really well. The potatoes are growing up and through the mounds of earth, everything in fact seems quite happy despite being parched.


It’s another nice evening in fact. No rain from the forecast has arrived after all and there is blue sky everywhere.

On my way out of the grounds I took a detour through some of the trees and met up with the head gardener who was going out towards the main gate the same way. Just out of interest she talked me through some of the unusual plants (the giant fennel) before the path split us up and I headed out.


At the main gate the running club was congregating. The last Tuesday of every month is their meeting day. Also I guess because it was so sunny the number of casual runners had increased the group quite a bit. I had trouble getting into the car and then getting through the crowd. Nobody was hurt but I nearly ran over a couple of toes.


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