Twenty beetroot

A couple of hours digging over the latest section on the allotment and after a quick trip to the local garden centre on Sunday — twenty beetroot plants are now in two rows across the plot at the half way mark.


The weather wasn’t anywhere as near as hot as it was on Saturday, but that just meant I could make really good use of two spare hours on the bank holiday afternoon. I was able to keep up the digging without breaking much of a sweat.

As I started to dig over and remove the couch grass, two other gardeners appeared on the trust plot next to mine. That plot hadn’t been touched this year yet, but within about 90 minutes they had removed the majority of the overgrowth and made it more respectable than mine! Well, almost.. It was a lot clearer and all the grass has now gone.

I spent another half an hour after they left just finishing off the small area I was going to use for the beetroot. I put down a couple of canes and then planted two rows of ten. I used some slug pellets just to be sure they stood a good chance: I had found a couple of slugs and a large snail on the loose this afternoon.


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