Half done and planted today

Today I have finally managed to finish half of the allotment. All of the potatoes have gone in and I have dug over the majority of the soil.


From behind me in this photo, the other half of the allotment has been dug over, but it is soon starting to sprout more couch grass in places. I will need to start clearing and planting that half next weekend. I will need to check and see what is suitable for May planting.


The last route of potatoes has finally gone in today. I picked out the best from the bag of chitted spuds I bought a couple of weeks ago and then dug the last trench.


The first potatoes I planted have really grown strongly .. I have covered them up many times and they have grown through everything. There was a risk of frost damage putting them in so early and possibly my trenches were too deep .. I guess we’ll see: this is mostly an experiment to see the best way that will work and also to remove the couch grass.


I’ve not seen the robin all weekend, but a blackbird was flying in and out of my potato trench. This particular one had got hold of something large and jucy .. But as I tried to get closer to see what it was, it kept hopping just far enough away.


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