Another nice Saturday and some rhubarb

It’s been another glorious Saturday and I spent about 3 hours at the allotment. I bought some rhubarb last weekend and the plant pot has been sat in the back garden for the past week. Today transplanted it into a space next to the other rhubarb plants I already have.


I’m going to make a big row of rhubarb plants because I can’t get enough of it when it starts to grow. Unfortunately this process is going to take probably 3, 4 or maybe 5 years before the rhubarb plants are ready to give up some really good rhubarb stems. Can’t wait.

I was just about to pack up one more bag of couch grass weeds and leave for home when another gardner from the opposite side of the allotments came over with a handful of lettuce plants that he had grown from seed. There were too many for him and so kindly gave me about 12 lettuce plants.


I put them in between rhubarb plants that I had just planted, because that part of the allotment had just been cleared of couch grass. I was told there was no need for netting so I just popped them into two neat little rows and soaked with the hose pipe.


Then I packed up and went home.


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