The 70th VE day anniversary & King Edward spuds

I have not been posting for a couple of weeks, it’s been very busy the past weekend so it’s been a while since I’ve been down to the allotment. Last weekend the mini heatwave had finished, the rain has been promised, it was a bank holiday weekend … A visit to Salisbury Cathedral and chasing the sunshine was in order.  It rained back at the allotment so everybody was happy, a good bank holiday weekend was had and my potatoes got soaked.


Yesterday (Saturday) was a really really sunny day so I thought I’d make the most of it … I got there about 2 o’clock and then stayed until about 7:30. I cleaned up the borders on the grass and filled up another 3 bags full of weeds.


I turned over most of the new patch which I intended to use for planting my King Edward  potatoes and I also cleaned up the front part of the allotment in order to plant sunflower seeds that had been growing on the windowsill. Everything went quite to plan and I did what I wanted to get done. I also had help from little hands with the planting of the sun flowers.


So far, in the sunflower section I have one giant yellow sunflower that is shown in the picture and 5 autumn beauty variety sunflowers which grow to about 8 feet tall and are lots of different colours (not just your plain variety).

There are two rows of king edward potatoes and a spare row for something else not quite decided what I’m going to put in there yet.


Today was Sunday, and it was also the VE day 70th celebrations. Over the allotment walls in the main garden you could hear the choir singing, and then a little later the congregation walked through the allotment before carrying on into the church.


Finally as I was tidying things up: just moving the canes around and generally making a place a little bit neater, I found a frog hiding underneath some of the wet dandelions that had missed my shears this weekend. I managed to catch him in my hat and transplanted him over to the water butt near the far wall where he would be safer from the lawnmowers.


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