The visiting robin

When I arrived at the main garden entrance tonight it was the end of quite a sunny day. It had started as rain as ran across the car park at work this morning, but by this evening things were much brighter.


My friend the robin was back again tonight, hopping around the turned earth almost as soon as I had started. I had spoken to the person who owns the neighbouring plot a few days earlier and they had seen it flitting around also.


I started at the allotment tonight around 7:30pm. It was late because I was at work late, but the weather was too good to miss and for the first time this week I was home early enough to be able to dig something.

Last weekend I finally found some King Edward potatoes in one of the local shops. I had been looking for that variety ever since I started planting this year.

So I now have to make some space for planting a couple of rows. This means digging up the couch grass near the compost patch. This is probably the worst of it.


The robin was all to happy to help out with the grubs. I even found a couple of leatherjackets which were soon made short work of.

By around 8:30pm it was starting to get dark and I had only completed a small patch and filled half a bag with stringy skutch roots. It was fairly hard going, but there was some definite progress tonight. Also, I figured I had just seen the last of the robin as the light started to fade: it had just made off with another fat jucy leatherjacket. So with that, I packed up and set off home.


With any luck there will be some sunny weather over this weekend — some time between the rain clouds maybe? Possibly I will manage to get the King Edward potatoes in the ground.


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