Sunny April evenings

We are just finishing a mini heatwave — the past few weeks have been almost constant sunshine. I have been spending quite a few evenings trying to get rid of the last few patches of grass and weeds before they get too out of hand in the nice weather.


When the sun goes down over the village church and it starts to get dark, the cold starts to suddenly creep in. Usually and because the allotment is sheltered by the surrounding wall I have found it easy to work in just shirt sleeves or a T-shirt, even when there is a chill wind outside the wall. But when the sun drops, I only have around 20 minutes to pack up before the temperature plummets and within a few more minutes I can’t see where I am going in the darkness.

There have been quite a few more people around lately, doing their plots, but they all disappear around this time.


Taking a walk to the far end of the allotment, most of the plots are now well dug over and usually have good few rows of plants in them. There were a few bonfires tonight as people tried to rush the last of the good weather. The forecast says it will rain almost all the time next week and the cold weather will be back for a while.


In preparation I have been covering up my first potatoes. In the past few days I have done it almost daily. Yesterday I stopped off at the allotment before I went to work and covered them up with a few small spades. Then in the evening I cleared up some of the edges of grass that were left over and managed two bags of weeds back to the car. The next night I came back, already the potatoes had pushed through what I had done and so this evening I mounded it up along both rows. With any luck this will keep it covered until the cold and wet week is out of the way.


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