A full week of clearing

There has been around 12 hours of work on the allotment this week, during the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday.


It’s not been a massive chore, but it will still be around another full week just to get the last of the grass out I expect.


The canes and sprouts from last year have come down now. It is easier to clear that whole area with all that out of the way. Most of the borders are straight at least and the mound of grass on the compost heap another few layers higher. Or green bin at home is full to the top and I’ve just come back from the council tip where I got rid of four full bags of weeds.


The head gardener from the main gardens suggested a tarpaulin over the compost heap and plenty of watering to ensure it got nicely decomposed. She thinks it will take around six months to a year to fully turn. Because the grass layer contains a lot of nutrients it will be good compost too.


There have been a few visitors to the turned earth over the past few days, most friendly of all was the robin who would sit on my fork and chirp for a while before darting down to pick off a millipede or grub.

With any luck, work will not be too busy this week and I will be able to get more finished in the evenings when I get home. Although if this week is anything like last week it could be a little difficult to spare any time.

After a few suggestions from other gardeners I am hoping to plant a few more potatoes with a view to getting most of the couch grass removed while I am doing the necessary digging. This little weed seems to be the best grower on the plot so far, followed quite closely by the dandelion.


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