Tatties starting to come up …

This weekend I planted some more potatoes. Another two lines have gone in, this time the variety are Charlotte potatoes. They have gone into a couple of trenches along side the earlier ones.


But some of the earlier potatoes are coming up already. I’ve had to cover some small sproutings several times already and tonight I covered up the first two trenches to ground level.


Further down the plot there are some rhubarb plants and in the past couple of weeks they have really grown. When I started the allotment they were only tiny buds, but now you can easily see the large rhubarb stems. Hopefully they will be ready to eat soon.

Meanwhile, there is still a lot of work to do at the other end of the plot. The grass that I have not yet cleared out is getting too overgrown and it is taking over. I will have to clear some of that up this weekend for certain — from past experience this is going to be a long job and it will not be possible to finish it in one weekend.

I hope the weather is going to be okay over the next few weekends 🙂


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